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Behavior rules


The Territory of Territorial Generation Companies is a private property, in this connection, the owner of TGC independently determines the content of these Rules and the conditions for the presence of visitors in the territory of TGC with the observance of the principles of inviolability of private property and good faith.


1. Violate the public order, manifest obvious disrespect for citizens, accompanied by coarse foul language, insulting harassment of citizens.
2. To be on the territory of TGC in a state of intoxication, which offends human dignity and public morality, as well as narcotic, toxic intoxication.
3. Carry on the territory of TGC:
– explosive, poisonous, toxic substances, explosive devices;
– alcohol;
– any weapons and (or) cartridges to it, ammunition;
– self-defense means, electric shock devices, aerosol dispensers of all kinds;
– pyrotechnic means.
4. To drink alcoholic beverages, except for products purchased in the territory of TGC.
5. Smoking (except for special places).
6. To spoil, touch, move inventory, decorations, decor elements of TGC.
7. To be on the territory of THC with animals (except for dog-guards).
8. Rolling on rollers, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, etc.
9. Leave children unattended.
10. Leave bags and personal belongings unattended.
11. Enter stores with ice cream or food.
12. To be in THC without clothes, with a bare torso, work clothes or with the appearance expressing obvious disrespect to citizens.
13. Conduct photo and video.
14. To engage in vagrancy and (or) begging.
15. Collection of various kinds of donations, distribution of leaflets.
16. Running, jumping, climbing fences, railings, technical facilities, go to green areas and office spaces, decorated with appropriate information boards, jump from any height.
17. Go to official, technical and other premises that are not intended for visitors to TGK, without a special badge.
18. Organize illegal meetings that are illegal or unauthorized with the Administration, including using various slogans, posters, banners, to participate in them.
19. Without coordination with the Administration, conduct any kind of marketing, promotional, promotional and promotional activities to distribute advertising and other information.


On an escalator it is forbidden:

– Run along the escalator.
– Sit down or lie down on the steps.
– Stand with your back towards the movement of the escalator.
– Put things on the steps and handrails of the escalator.
– Lie down on the rail.
– Carry baby carriages.
– Catch the bounding strip on the steps.
– To transport various cargoes, incl. liquid in an open dish.
– Deliberately spoil the escalator equipment.
– Carry out an emergency stop of the escalator with the Emergency Stop buttons, except for the obvious need.
– Any way to touch the stationary parts of the escalator.

In an elevator it is forbidden:

– Jump.
– Manually open the elevator shaft.
– Prevent the closure of the elevator doors.
– Push your fingers or objects between the closed doors of the doors while the elevator is moving.
– Deliberately spoil the lift equipment.
– Dissolve ads and advertisements.
– Call the dispatcher using the “Call” button without an explicit need.
– Use the elevator in case of fire or other emergencies.

At the request of the Security Service, the visitor must present large bags and boxes for inspection. The fulfillment of this requirement is one of the conditions for passing a visitor to TGC or to a certain part thereof.

By the fact of visiting TGCs, visitors agree with these Rules in full, accept them and undertake to observe them strictly.